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Power Animal In Graphic Form

by Diane Tegarden

I met my new power animal in a particularly non-traditional way that I'd like to share with you. You know how people have been developing the little faces made from the symbols on the keyboard, like ;> ?

Well, one came to me while i was e-mailing that has stuck as my own personal rune, i call it a bat <..> and although I'm not really into bats, not a batman fan or a werewolf advocate, i began to understand it was a power animal for me. i looked it up in my animal medicine book and sure enough, it is a totem for rebirth among an ancient tribe i'm related to, the aztecs. (it is also a rebirth symbol among many other tribes as well.)

the other thing about it is, i'm in the process of giving up a 20 year old habit, and bat is also a symbol of giving up old habits to open your life for new, healthier habits. Huzzah for bat!

I find that the more we can feel our spirituality all around us, even in the modern world we live in, the more we connect to our sacred selves. Blessed Bee! diane tegarden <..>

(The above story was submitted to Dancing Bear and was so great it has been published here for everyone's enjoyment.)

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