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Flower Essences

Flower essences are generally alcohol based extracts of various plants, mainly flowers. There are essences from all over the world but the two main sources are English and Western.

The English Essences most widely known are the Bach Flower Essences. Information on Bach essences can be found at their home page.

The most widely know Westerns essences are made by FES Quintessential.

Ways to Use Flower Essences

There are classes that can be taken to teach one how to do an intake, diagnose, and prescribe flower essences. Dancing Bear has taken such classes and found that there is a much simpler way to use the essence. This method, described below, requires no training and has proven effective at the Dancing Bear Healing Center.

There are two ways to proceed. One is to purchase one each of al the essences. Ok, this may not work for everyone. If you do not have all the essences, then get a list or chart of the essences (you can get one off the Internet). Then one simple quickly, and randomly selects one. No thinking, or running one's hand over the names/bottles looking for some sign. Merely reach out and select a name/bottle.

Next fill a small dropper (or similar bottle) with bottled water. Then add one drop of the essence. If you used a list then you will have to either buy that bottle to use it, OR write the name of the essence on a piece of paper and tape it to the small dropper bottle that has the water in it. We want the energy of the essence, similar to homeopathy.

Next, tap the dropper bottle against the palm of your hand 15 times. Then add a drop to your bottled water from the tincture bottle. then drink the water (no need to gulp). The dropper bottle can be held while meditating, or placed on the metal plate during soul therapy (see soul therapy pages). The essence of the meditation/soul therapy will be added to the bottle which will enhance the healing properties of the Essence.

Once this has been done, look up the meaning of the essence that was selected. Focus on the higher levels of the meaning and properties of the essence to bring those qualities and healing properties into your life.

Essences can also be used in conjuction with Acupuncture. There are great treatments for many problems combining these two modalities.

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