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Reiki Healing Energy System

REIKI is a universal life force energy that is used for hands on healing. The Usui form which is taught in the United States today originated in Japan with Dr. Usui. He went to Kurama-yama mountains just north of Kyoto, Japan to meditate and came away with the Reiki energy system. He passed this healing energy on to other masters. One master, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, in turn passed the energy system to Mrs. Hawayo Takata who in turn brought the energy to the United States.

There are many stories about the travels of Dr. Usui but not much of the story can be substantiated. There is a poor recording in Mrs. Takata's voice telling her understanding of the history of how Dr. Usui first discovered Reiki. The story is available in many Reiki books (see bibliography for references).

The energy used in the Usui system has three levels or degrees plus a master level:

Level 1 - Physical healing

Level 2 - Emotional, Mental, Spiritual healing and enhanced physical healing. Absentee or long distance healing is also taught at this level

Level 3 - for higher energy levels and advance healing

Master level - for teaching Reiki (same healing attunements as level three but with the teaching attunements)

How Reiki Works
Reiki energy is an intelligent healing energy that when turned on by the practitioner flows in through both the crown chakra and the feet chakras. There is a yin and a yang aspect to the energy, part from above and part from the earth. These two aspects combine in the practitioner until it fills them with Reiki energy. The energy then begins to flow out of the chakras in the palms of the hands where most people experience it as warmth. For those who are able to see the energy it appears as a purple or violet light. The energy is then transmitted to the client where it flows until it fills the client with energy. Once the client’s energy field is full the energy shuts off automatically. With this system there is no exchange of personal energy on the part of either the practitioner or the client.

There are many types of Reiki available today aside from the Usui or Traditional method. Note that the Japanese word for Reiki is Kikou. The energy the Japanese use originally came from Tibet via China. Some of the other Reiki systems are Tibetan Reiki, Green Goddess Reiki (another type of Tibetan Reiki), Unlimited Reiki, and Huna Reiki (Hawaiian). The Hindu call the energy Prana and the Chinese call the energy Qi or Chi. It is all the same energy, our vital force energy which can be quantified by measuring a person just before and after death, they lose weight.

The Japanese character symbol for reiki is written as: reiki characters




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