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Tibetan Energies

Tibetan energy is being reintroduced in to the Western world. It is a powerful healing energy that works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

There are 49 levels of Tibetan energy, each with their own special focus in terms of healing. The energy can be used for general healing or one of the different levels can be used for very specific focusing of the energy which facilitates different intentions.

The energy itself has a yellow orange color which can be seen if used during meditation.

The energy can be used to facilitate the manifestation of dreams, healing, gaining insights, removing emotional and mental issues, as well as for physical healings. The energy is channeled through the crown chakra and out through the hands. It is an intelligent energy in that it does not have to be specifically directed for it to work.

Tibetan Reiki

Also being reintroduced is Tibetan Reiki. This energy is similar to the Usui Reiki but the symbols are slightly different. It is a smoother running Reiki than the Usui Reiki and it seems to be more versatile. Tibetan Reiki is included in the Usui Reiki classes taught at the Dancing Bear Healing Center, see the Classes page for more information.

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