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Sacred Geometric Vajras

Vajras help to Awaken Self Healing and facilitate Soulful Meditation.

The vajra combined with the Soul Therapy Music creates a true healing and a sacred space for meditation , a self-healing as well as a planetary healing occur through the pattern of divine geomancy and the transmission of Saints.

Each vajra is handcrafted by Western monks and nuns.  The designs are all based on natural geometric forms like the tetrahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron, star-tetrahedron, the 53* pyramid and the circle.

All throughout history and in every country we can find the universal geometric applications applied to temple buildings, for instance on the pyramids in Egypt as well as in the Americas, on the stupas of Tibet and in Christian Churchs of the past and present.

Along with this universal Truth, many of these temples are located at historical sacred sites.

All of this is aligned to the spiritual evolution of humanity, and the planet as a spiritual soul that can be stimulated.   When we go to these sites or work with similar sacred geometric structures, they seem to align to the planetary communication through geomancy in a way that is transcendental.  In this way one can receive and transmit Unconditional Love throughout the planet as a meditator by applying geomancy to one's meditaiton.

The vajras are designed to telepathically connect one to the Planetary Soul and the thread of the transmigration of the soul. This attunes one to one's virtues from previous lives and establishes these soulful qualities as virtues that one recapitulates as they awaken the nature of their soul.

This process is life changing in everyway. For example, if one is in a bad relationship they will find the strength and discernment they need to make decisions to develop good relationships that bring Happiness and Love in both both their personal relationships and their career. Many changes may need to take place and the vajra meditation helps bring these changes into process.  It helps one to help others and take the time to help onesself to choose a healthy life.

All of the tools are designed to work together for both the novice healer/meditator and the professional healer/meditator. The Sacred Geometric Vajras help to Awaken Self Healing and Soulful Meditation
The Vajra Combined with the Soul Therapy Music creates a true healing and a sacred space for meditation and Self healing that also Heals the Planet through Geomancy.

Vajra Images

These images have goemancy on both ends

vajra images

Vajra Weavers with gomancy only on one end.

vajra weaver

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