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What Is an Etheric Weaver and How Does it Work?

The most profound effect from an Etheric Weaver treatment is that it increases one's faith in God and one's faith in humanity.

There are ten different weavers in all. The colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo, and violet), clear, rainbow colored (in traditional chakra color order) and seven ray (rainbow colors in the order of the 7-Rays of God colors) colored.

The color of the Etheric Weaver resonates as a form of color healing; this has been found to be very vitalizing for the many different needs and qualities of  healing that the individual colors resonate with and bring into balance.

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Following is the meaning of each of the colors based on the 7-Rays of God:

Violet - Aligns to the 6th Ray of the Solar Plexus of Devotion and Reverence. It heals the emotional attachment of desires and obsessions. and releases the Astral nature of Hate and Aggression to be transformed into Soulful Love.   

Indigo- Aligns to the 7th Ray and the Sacral Center - the sexual Center of Relationships. This Weaver helps to relax and increases self control. Helps to increase communication on all levels and helps one to learn to forgive and forget the past negative relationships that block the ability to be open to new relationships that are loving and supportive, rather than attract negative emotionally non supportive relationships.

Light Blue - Aligns to the 2nd Ray of the Heart Center of Loving Wisdom and Understanding. This increases the Natural Integration of ones Soul and the Higher Mental Clarity that stimulates the Spontaneous Healing from Love in ones Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies with the Light of the Soul. It also helps to heal mental criticism and Fear.      
Green - This helps to release the Concrete Mind and increases a more open mind that can decrystalize the lack of ability to realize a greater truth. It aligns to the 5th ray of the Brow Center of Revelation. It helps to relax the Mind, Emotions and Physical body while providing Balance. It stimulates the natural Magnetic healing abilities latent in all of Humanity and Animals.

Yellow (yellow) - Aligns to the 3rd Ray of the Throat Center of Creative Active Intelligence. It promotes mental Activity of Creative thought, balances the nerves, Stimulates the healing of wounds and skin problems as well as balances the overly active Mind.         
Orange - Helps to restore balance (Like a Tonic) where there is Stress and a lowering of Vitality to the Glands and Organs. .It aligns to the 4th Ray of the Base Center of Harmony through Conflict. It helps to reduce problems with the Bowels like a laxative. It also helps to increase digestion as well as balancing the Mental and Emotional Bodies from the effects of Worry and Depression.

Red - Aligns to the 1st ray of the Crown Center and the Will of God. It helps to stimulate the ability to trust ones choices in life. It revitalizes the Glands and Immune System and strengthens the ability to be more courageous in life.               

 Rainbow - The 7 Colors provide the full spectrum of Color Therapy.  It greatly balances the Body, Emotions and Mind. It releasing the past that blocks the ability to be spontaneous and helps to detoxify the Blood from impurities. It also promotes the releasing of impurities while dieting or exercising.

Seven Rays of God - Each Color esoterically aligns the Upper and Lower Chakras, healing the Lower Nature of Personality and increasing the Soul nature of Love. It helps to prevent Psychic Attack and Harmful Relationships.  

Clear - This helps to increase the higher levels of Being, which includes the ability to be less attached to expectations and outcomes, helping the natural Intuition of Trust, and the ability to Listen, to be more aware.

How to Use an Etheric Weaver

To use an etheric weaver, one simply holds the Etheric Weaver like a pendulum. The Etheric Body aligns and awakens ones "Buddha Nature". The weaver will naturally begin moving. One simply allows the weaver to move wherever it takes you. Simply hold the etheric weaver and you can feel the Qi flowing into your body. One holds it like a pendulum and the weaver will respond with different movements as the energy spontaneously flows between the body and the weaver: this is also known as a form of Qi Gong. There is no technique or diagnostic focus in using the Etheric Weaver, they work spontaneously in conjunction with the Qi of the Soul, it helps to radiate the light and vitality of one's attunement with God.

To heal your self simply weaver your hand with the intention that it represents your entire body or weaver a specific spot is it needs a physical healing.

To weave r another person, simply start at one side by their head and allow the weaver to move slowly down the body to the feet and then back up the other side to the head once again.

It is important to not weaver the third eye, or to try and alter another persons chakra centers. Just allow the weaver to move at will, you will feel the energy moving your arm. At times the weaver may stan in one place for a long time and at other times it may move fairly quickly. Simply set the intention that a healing take place and then just allow the weaver to work without any interference from you.

Multi colored and single colored etheric weavers.

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