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Common Sense

by Name Withheld

As a young man my father spent time with the Hualapai in Arizona. The Elders knew that their Ancient Ways needed to be remembered. When my father left his friends he carried a "medicine bundle" in his heart. These were the memories of the Ancient Ones. The rules are not a secret of the people, they are common sense. My father is in his eighties now, and the bundle was presented to me in a vision, and the bundle is now in my heart. No matter what I say or do this bundle directs my life. These are the rules of the bundle.

  •  Never argue with an angry person. They are out of balance. Don't talk. Smile. Nod your head once or twice. You will drive them crazy!  
  • Do not lock up your material goods. Give your things to people who need them. You can get more.  
  • If you see a wrong, it is your responsibility to correct the wrong.  
  • Everyone must be treated equally unless they do an injustice to you.  
  • Try and understand a person from their way of life.  
  • Do not put your friend to the test.  
  • Be concerned about others.
  • Spend time with someone you don't like.  
  • Try not to do wrong, and block out negatives as soon as they pop into your mind.
  •  Always tell the truth, and make this your law. A lie can lead to murder.  
  • Love every thing, and everyone with your whole heart (respect).  
  • Do not criticize your neighbor. We only have to please God.  
  • Good thing and bad things happen. There is no right or wrong - only lessons.
  •  All weather conditions contain lessons from God, and we should adapt to hot, cold, rain, snow, and the seasons with positives.

These are the contents of the bundle as much as I have learned, I guess. There are probably more. If a person follows the rules of the bundle-especially loving others and self-you can do no wrong-and your path and the reason for things comes directly from the Creator. Your feet automatically take steps forward! Nature, and time in her element is the second teacher of lifes lessons. Walk in Peace!

Name of author withheld at their request.

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