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Homeopathy a Vibrational Healing

Homeopathy is based on the "law of similars". That is to say that a plant (or chemical or whatever substance) has an particular affect on most people. When a person presents to a homeopath with the same symptoms as that plant or chemical then that is the remedy to select.

There are many "nay sayers" to homeopathy, my comment to them is that science just is not there yet so do not criticize what you do not understand using ignorant biases. The bottom line is that it works. Some day science will understand how.

Homeopathic remedies are used by accusing (shaking) and diluting a plant, chemical, or what ever until there is basically little to no trace of the material left. Generally it is administered in a sugar pill form but there are also liquid forms. The original remedies were homemade and therefore it was possible to get a pill that did not have the "mother tincture" applied directly to the specific pill in the bottle. Consequently, it was recommended that one take ~5 pills at a time. Today the making of remedies is closely regulated by the FDA so taking only one pill is generally adequate for treatment. More is not always better (or worse)

There are two schools of thought today regarding the practicing of homeopathy. One is "Classical" and the other is non-classical. With Classical homeopathy only one remedy is used at a time for the specific symptoms of the patient. Today there are a number of companies (one well know company is Heel) producing remedy combinations. This is a combination of more that one remedy to have a desired affect and is generally available for anyone who has that particular need (like boosting ones immune system, losing weight, stop coughing, PMS symptoms, detoxification, etc.). It has been the experience of Dancing Bear that both of these options work. There are times when a specific remedy is needed and times when a generic combination also works. That said there are those who feel that only Classical homeopathy should be used and vice versa. Others who are against homeoapathy completely.

Homeopathy works, even if science does not undrerstand why.


There are literally hundreds of books on homeopathic remedies (called materia medica) that are available (ana manymore out of print). The signs and symptoms for use of a particular remedy may or may not be the same as for botanicals (also in a botanical materia medica - not the same) so be certain you have a homeopathic materia medica.

Below are some sites with information on individual remedies and online materia medicas:

  • Hpathy - remedy descriptions, online books on Materia Medica, articles and papers related to Homeopathy Materia Medica, and a newsletter
  • HMedicine - Guide to Homeopathy, Single Remedies
  • Elixiris - Materia Medica: Remedy Information

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