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Email to Dancing Bear from: Ulla Rahn-Huber

My "report" on Hawaii in general and Pele in particular.

Ulla   After I talked to you I finally understood what was the origin of this special feeling I had during our first stay that made us both "vibrate" in a way that was totally overwhelming, especially during our stay on Big Island. So, when I came to Hawaii I tried to find as much information on Pele as I could get. Not much, as you can imagine. But still, a picture started forming. It got hold of me in a way that I felt I had to start to write an article about her to get all those feelings and thoughts sorted out. So, in the evening before falling asleep (mind you, how stupid!) I called out to Pele telling her what I intended to do and asking for her assistance. Probably by now you will have guessed that the night ahead was not exactly a calm one!

At first, I fell asleep alright but I soon woke up again with the strangest of feeling. My heart was pounding and I saw some sort of "flashes" in front of my eyes. It was sort of scary and I felt I couldn't stay in bed any longer. So I got up and walked to the bathroom to get some cold water. All the while the flashes went on shooting through the air like in a firework, only much closer to me and without the smell and heat. It was only then I realized Pele was present. It didn't seem so surprising. After all I had called her...

But still, her energy was much to strong for me to bear. So I talked to her again thanking her for coming and apologizing for my being so weak as not to be able to cope with her kind of power. Then I carefully closed my chakras one after the other. It felt as if I was pulling them shut as against a strong wind. I repeated this twice before I started feeling calmer. At last everything got still in the room and quite some time later I went back to sleep. And I still find it hard to believe: When I woke up in the morning I knew exactly how to get my article - or even book - on Pele started. It seemed like the whole structure of the story was laid out in front of me.

So now - apart from tedious everyday scores as getting my tax declaration ready and writing some less interesting stuff that will pay me my bills - I am kept quite busy with my work on Pele...

Peace and love

(It is only the very pure and blessed that Pele will visit. Ulla is very pure of heart and very blessed. Thank you Ulla for sharing.)

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